Benefits of Email Security and Archiving

There are 294 billion emails sent a day! In a year, more than 90 trillion emails are sent. Out of these trillions of emails, 90% of them are spam or contain viruses. Spam and viruses can be annoying and costly if they wreak havoc on your computer. It’s important to protect yourself.

With email security, emails can be stopped from even reaching your inbox. The sophistication of this technology can detect which emails are a threat and automatically delete them leaving your computer free from the corruption of the spam and viruses.

Email Archiving

In addition to email security, email archiving is also important. By backing up your emails, you don’t fall victim to email data loss.

Just think for a moment about all of those emails you send each day that contain crucial information about work you do. What if those emails all of a sudden vanished? If you’re like most people, it would put you in a frenzy and cost you a lot of time to get the information back.

Now, imagine if you lost your emails and all you had to do was tap into your archive to find them all. How much of a relief would that be?

Free Up Space in Your Mailbox

Protection from email data loss isn’t all you’ll receive backing up. Archiving can also free up space in your mailbox, which could increase the speed at which it works. If you’ve ever dealt with sluggish email operations, you know how nice this sounds.

Email Backup Is Fast

If you’re thinking that backing up email will take hours, you’re incorrect. Email archiving only takes a few seconds and it can be automatic. You won’t even realize you’re protecting yourself, just like how email security protects you.

Don’t allow yourself to be vulnerable when it comes to email. Protect yourself with email security and archiving!