Backup Halloween Photos Online

Image courtesy of Flickr/Photo Credit: Verde Canyon Railroad

Halloween is coming and that means you’re going to be taking awesome pictures of your children, if you’re a parent. If you’re like most busy parents, you probably keep your images on your phone or camera for months or even years. This means that with one false move or out of nowhere, you could end up losing all of those precious photos. Don’t take the risk. There’s an easy way to back them up, so you don’t ever have to worry about losing them.

TAPNET’s Online Backup Services

With TAPNET’s online backup services, you can automatically upload all of your photos to a secure server. You don’t ever have to worry about anyone ever seeing the photos except the people you send them to for viewing. You also don’t have to worry about losing them because we keep them safe.

How the Process Works

All you have to do after taking photos, is hook up your phone or camera to your computer. This will lead to the automatic uploading of your photos from your device to your computer, which then sparks the online backup services software to do its job. It will immediately and automatically make copies of your photos and place them on your server. And that’s it!

When you want to access the photos, all you have to do is access the server from your computer or online at the website. You’ll be able to go right into the folder where the photos are stored, and see all of them. If you want to send a photo to a friend or family member, all you have to do is copy it back on your computer (if you don’t have it on there) and then attach it to an email.

Just imagine a library of all of your children’s photographs on an online server. It’s much easier and cheaper than printing photos and placing them into photo albums. It’s also much more secure because you never have to worry about them getting lost.

Get started with TAPNET’s online backup services today by signing up on the website.

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