How to Avoid Bad Web Hosting Companies

Choosing from a long list of web hosting companies could be pretty hard, especially if you know how much is at stake. Making the wrong choice could affect your business in more ways than one and could create a series of other problems that would be hard to contain.

Instead of waiting until the very end before doing some damage control, might as well watch out for the red flags from the onset and save yourself from the hassle it would eventually cause. Here are a few signs that could tell you which web hosting companies are bad news:

Is your website taking forever to load? Chances are, the host server does not have enough bandwidth to accommodate everything in the system. Some web hosts are able to offer their services at a fraction of the usual price because you are paying for hosting services that are shared across different users. Be wiser. Don’t let your customers wait.

Are you having too much downtime? What’s worse than making your customers wait is having your customer wait for nothing. Downtime is normal and should be part of your expectation. Having too much of it, however, will only cause you to lose money and customers. The moment your website’s downtime becomes unacceptable, step back, turn around and look for another provider.

Does your web host disappear when you start having problems? Some web hosts give the commitment of having 24/7 customer support but are unable to follow through once you enter into the agreement. Some of them could have somebody at the other end of the line, but would end up frustrating you all the more because of their inability to answer your questions. Avoid further frustration. If you have questions that are left unanswered, find someone else who will answer them for you.

Does your website seem open to security breach? Especially if sales play a huge part of your website, your customers expect a certain level of security if they intend to give you some of their information. The first thing that your web host should be able to do is to secure your website and make sure you are breach-free. If your web host is not concerned about your security, then they are not concerned about keeping you as a customer.

Did you lose data? Data loss is one of the most frustrating things that could happen especially in a business. Every single piece of data is essential, and any loss could sometimes lead to loss of business as well. Make sure your provider cares enough about your data to ensure a foolproof backup system.

All web hosting companies have their faults, but the gravity of these faults is what makes the biggest difference. Save your business from the hassle of having to recover from losses caused by a bad web hosting provider. Know how to point out the bad seed right from the onset and avoid having to deal with bigger problems that they could bring.

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