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What are the Benefits of Online Storage Services for Freelancers?

One of the most important perks of being a freelancer is the ability to be anywhere you want, anytime. Freelancers are not bound by traditional business practices. They do not have to stay behind the desk from 9 to 5. It is for this reason that freelancers need online storage services more than anyone else.

What are the benefits that freelancers can enjoy once they use online storage services?

  • Easy access anytime, anywhere

Freelancers can work anywhere, anytime, as long as they have decent internet connection wherever they go. Online backup fits this lifestyle, as it allows users to have access to files on the go as well. Now, there won’t be any need for you to save all your files in an external drive. As long as you’re online, you can have access to all the files you need without having to plug in a physical storage device.

  • Easy collaboration

One huge advantage that freelancers have is the fact that a lot of their business can be conducted online. Physical meetings aren’t a requirement – a Skype call will do. This is another challenge that online backup services can easily adjust to. With each and every file uploaded to the cloud, it’s easy to give specific people you work with access to some of the files. This means that there’s no need to physically exchange files with each other. As long as the person you’re working with has access to the relevant files, you can work together without having to personally meet up.

  • Scalability

The more clients you take in, the more files you’ll probably have as well. Relying on physical storage would mean adding more storage devices. This will be costly, and will also take up space. If you have online backup, you can easily increase your storage space, often in a more cost-efficient manner.

Truly, every freelancer needs an online backup account. It’s one tool that can make every work process more efficient.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using Online Backup for Business?

Traditionally, storing business data online requires a lot of investment. You need special equipment. You need space. You need a lot of money to cover the costs. But now, different online backup options are available. This means things just got a whole lot easier for businesses everywhere.


Easy Access

This allows you to become more efficient. This is especially true when it comes to gaining access to all your files. No matter where you are, you can instantly open up your files. There is no more need to bring portable storage devices with you all the time.


These services have layers of security protecting their clients’ data. Especially for business subscribers like you, providers understand that security takes top priority.


Online backup services always leave a lot of room for expansion. Businesses grow, and online backup providers want to grow with their customers as well. This means that it doesn’t matter if your files double or triple in number. There are easy ways to upgrade and widen your bandwidth.


Initial Data Seeding

The initial data seeding could be quite time-consuming. It gets worse if you already have a lot of files to begin with. It can also use up a lot of your bandwidth, and can slow things down for the rest of the people connected to your network.

Size and File Limitations

Some online backup providers have limits in terms of file size and file type. This is why it is important to scrutinize every part of the service agreement. If you are fully aware of the limitations, it will be easier to adjust as well.

The good news is, these limitations can be handled efficiently. Just choose an online storage provider that easily adjusts according to their clients’ needs. From here, you’re good to go without any worries.

What are the Pros and Cons of Online Storage for Personal Use?

Backing up data online is a trend that’s going to be around for generations to come. Considering the convenience it brings, it has become an essential part of everything people do. It could be an important school project. It could also be a short presentation you’ve been working on to jumpstart your career. Whatever purpose it plays, online storage has become crucial to individuals everywhere because of what it can do.

The Pros

What advantages can you enjoy through the use of online storage?

Remote Access Anywhere

If you encounter a sudden opportunity to give a presentation, you can do so even if you have no flash drive in your pocket. Online backup systems allow users to access their files anywhere, anytime.

Low Costs

A lot of personal backup plans offered online are free, especially if you don’t really have a lot of files to begin with. If you start seeing that the allotted storage is not enough for you, then it’s always easy to upgrade your plan. You also lose the need to buy flash drives or external hard drives, which can be quite expensive.

Of course, backing up your data online has a few downsides to it as well.

The Cons

What are the disadvantages when you rely on online backup?

Limited Space

Personal plans often have limited bandwidth. Sure, you can upgrade your free service to get more space. However, that’s only going to add up to the costs you’ve been trying to avoid.

File Restrictions

Online storage may allow you to save your Word documents and your slideshow presentations. However, it may not let you save other kinds of files. Check with the service provider and see if the file types you work on can be accommodated.

Using online storage for personal files can still be beneficial. Yes, there are limitations. But the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

How Does an Online Backup Service Work?

In a nutshell, an online backup service mirrors the files on your computer. The data is stored in an off-site location monitored by the backup provider. To save files on the provider’s servers, you must get a backup plan. Most vendors offer a free plan. For paid premiums, the average cost is generally between US $5 and US $15 per month.

Online Backup Service at Work

Depending on the plan, consumers can enjoy unlimited backup for a month. Some providers offer no-cost plans, but with a limited storage capacity. The limitations are lifted when you purchase a plan valid for a specific period. If you are a business user, the service gets more expensive.

The backup provider will send you a link to download on your computer. Once the connection is set up, you can regulate your data through:

* File selection

* Routine backup schedule

* Allocated bandwidth management

* File uploads

Most backup services encrypt the connection. Others even secure the data on your computer. They deliver an

Why is an Online Backup Tool Better than a Local Backup?

With backups, you have two primary options: an online backup tool or a local backup plan. The former means storing your online files to a remote server. The latter means making backups on external drives you must keep nearby. Most tech experts recommend using both, but many still favor the online choice. Here’s why.

Main Benefit of an Online Backup Tool

The key advantage of online backup is how files are stored off-site, far from your home or office. Providers keep data in an enterprise-grade, secure center. This means, your data will be far from disasters or mishaps that may occur. Also, your files are protected from theft, along with other setbacks like hardware viruses.

Other Key Benefits of Online Backup

Storing your files online can lessen congestion in your inbox. Instead of sending a large file via email, you can store the file online and share the download link. This is particularly handy for business interactions.

Most online backup services let teams or collaborators work on tasks in real time. This is possible even if they are physically located in different parts of the world. This is ideal for students and employees. They can collaborate on a project at once, rather than mailing revisions repeatedly. This advantage saves time, energy, and resources.

Also, every consumer-based online backup tool often offers 10 to 15 gigabytes of storage at no cost. For most users, this is ample space. You can even create multiple accounts, which makes it easy to triple your given storage. You can also buy corporate plans if that’s the service you need.

A Simple Reminder

Keep in mind, a local backup plan is a more sensible choice if you have a slow and/or metered internet connection. A fast connection is still necessary to successfully upload and download your data.

What is the Truth Behind “Unlimited” Online Storage?

Browsing around for online storage options will show you a huge number of choices. Each of them will talk about security. Some of them will be competitive in terms of price. Quite a few will brag about their collaborative features. But if there’s one thing that attracts the most people, it’s the claim of “unlimited” storage.

Do these online storage services really live up to that claim?

What Unlimited Really Means

The truth is, the term “unlimited” is only an appealing illusion. An individual user utilizing online storage for personal purposes won’t need terabytes of space. But he is given enough gigabytes to enjoy the feeling of having more than enough space to store his data.

This is why businesses that store terabytes of data still prefer the paid services that offer a huge amount of storage space. This gives them a better picture of how much space they really have.

How It All Works

How can these online backup services afford to give so much to some people, and so little to others? It’s actually simple. Online storage service providers already have a pretty good idea of how many of their users won’t really be able to maximize their “unlimited” offer. While this huge percentage enjoys what seems to be limitless storage, the rest of their bandwidth is given to subscribers who require terabytes of space.

Is Unlimited Service Worth It?

In reality, unlimited storage services are still worth it, especially if you only plan on using it for personal purposes. It’s all about knowing what you need. This would, of course, not be a good choice if you own a business that stores huge files. But if you have a good idea of the little space that you have, then an unlimited offer could be the best solution for your needs.

What Makes Backup Online Services Safe?

It makes sense why people keep on questioning the security of backup online services. After all, it’s their personal data that are at stake. If you have concerns about backing up your files online, read on.

How Providers Keep Your Data Safe

Additional Safety

When your files are stored locally, the risk of losing them is high. Think about fire and flooding. Imagine coffee spills on your hard drive. If you have no backup, you’ll lose your data forever. Storing your files online gives you extra security. Since the storage is in a remote location, no disaster near you can destroy them.

Encryption Technology

Thanks to encryption technology, you don’t have to worry about your data. The best backup online services offer up to 256-bit encryption. This means hacking your files is next to impossible.

Some providers even offer server-side encryption backup. In layman’s terms, that’s double protection. Server-side also saves you disk space. This means bigger storage capacity. Thus, you get your money’s worth.

Physical Security

The top online backup providers have topnotch physical security. Their buildings are guarded 24/7. They have intricate locks and complex access codes. They also have surveillance systems. This means the already-secure files have their own “security team.”

Choosing Safety Backup Online Services

So how can you choose the provider with the best security details?

* Check the provider’s reputation. Look for customer feedback and reviews.

* Ask questions. Communicate with the provider. Ask as many security questions as you deem necessary.

* Try the free trial. The best way to find out about the backup online services of the provider is to experience them firsthand.

* Ask for recommendations. Online storage is already a norm these days. Ask for backup recommendations from people you trust.

Having security concerns is normal. But with these details, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Your provider’s got this. It’s handled.

Why Choose Online Storage over Traditional Storage Options?

The popularity of traditional storage options has taken a dive. This is understandable, knowing that online storage offers so much more to users.

What makes online storage options the better choice?

It’s cheaper.

Backing up your data online costs little compared to what you’re spending on traditional storage. On equipment alone, you could be spending a few times more than what you’ll spend on online data backup.

It’s a space saver.

Especially if used for business, traditional backup options use up so much space. The equipment is usually bulky. Choose an online alternative, and you don’t even have to worry about space. It does not take up an inch out of your work area. This leaves space for more important things.

It’s accessible.

It doesn’t matter what device you’re using. It doesn’t matter where you are, either. Online backup services allow you to have access to your data no matter where you are. This remote access makes everything convenient for people on the go. This is especially great for businessmen and professionals who travel all the time.

It allows you to collaborate.

Traditional storage only lets a few people have access to it. Most of the time, you would have to be at the immediate vicinity to do so as well. With online storage, your entire team can work together and access the same files. It won’t be an issue if your team members are scattered all over the world.

It protects your data.

Online backup secures your data and keeps threats at bay. Traditional storage is not only vulnerable to data and equipment theft. It is also at risk when it comes to emergencies like fire or flood. Online storage keeps your data protected through a series of encryptions. It is not physically in the premises either, so it doesn’t matter what tragedy occurs.

Without a doubt, online storage is way ahead of traditional storage solutions. It’s the cheaper, more secure and more convenient choice.

What are the Benefits of Online Backup for Nonprofits?

Not-for-profit institutions handle a lot of sensitive data. They manage membership details. They deal with fundraising materials. They store donation lists. They keep financial statements. In short, they have confidential files. Thus, they need reliable and secure online backup for nonprofits.

Advantages of Using Online Backup for Nonprofits


These institutions struggle with their budget. With online storage, they can reduce their expenses. Web-based backup is cheaper than several physical storages. Most providers also offer discounts for non-profit-making organizations.

Safety Net

The moment they lose their data, it’ll cripple the team. Rebuilding files will need time and money. An online storage is a safety net. It ensures the mission-critical files are always safe.

BTS Backup

These organizations have hectic schedules. Manual backups are time-consuming. It also requires at least one person to manage the process. With online backup for nonprofits, behind-the-scene storing is a breeze. Automatic backup happens even in the middle of a busy season.

Data Sharing

Volunteers flock to these groups. An online backup can give access to data without any special software. This saves time and resources during field work.

Tight Security

Backup providers understand the level of security they need. Top-rated vendors secure data thrice. One is through encryption. Another is via password authentication. It can also be through physical security.

Remote Access

Virtual backups are accessible anywhere. Most providers offer multi-device sync. As long as there’s internet connection, members can access files.


Some of these organizations do not have an IT team. But with virtual backup, they don’t need one. Any member can set up the system. No hardware to install. No cables to connect. Simply install the program and the rest will be taken care of.

Backup services help not-for-profit groups do their job without extra hassle. If you’re a member of a charity organization, set up your virtual backup now.

How to Make the Most of Online Backup for SMB

Setting up an online backup is a wise business investment. Disasters happen. Devices get misplaced. And sometimes you need to access your company data on the go. Online backup for SMB is also a great file-sharing tool. With it, your team doesn’t have to send large files via email.

Benefits of Online Backup for SMB


Data backup isn’t always cheap. This is especially true if you factor in the cost of physical storage equipment. Apart from the money, routine backup also takes up a lot of your billable time. Online backup for SMB lets you stay within budget without sacrificing security.


Storing sensitive data online is safer than storing it locally. Online backup encrypts data so no unauthorized access is allowed. Even if someone vandalizes your office, all company data is kept safe.


Online storage is practically invisible. This means your company’s storage won’t take up actual space in your office.


Online backup for SMB handles your routine backup through automation. Set the schedule for the backup and let the provider do their job.


Online storage is accessible anywhere. It’s easy to sync files from computers to handheld devices. This means you can access company data on the go.

How SMB Can Maximize Online Storage

The best way to capitalize on online backup for SMB is to find a service that is suited for the company. There are tons of storage services available today. Each provides features that makes it stand out from the rest.

Look for that feature that the business can benefit the most from. If the company holds confidential data, find a service that has strict security policies. If the business needs free storage, look for a service that offers excellent, no-cost storage. Do your research to match the needs of your company. A little storage investigation goes a long way.