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10% of affiliate revenue is shared to active affiliates each month. Open Welcome Email For Special Bonuses!  Check the Affiliate Rewards page regularly or Facebook + Twitter for regular updates.


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Join, Promote and Earn today.  It is Fun Friendly and Free! Open Welcome Email For Special Bonuses!

How To Join - Step By Step Instructions

Account Registration Page

1. Account Registration

Client Or Affiliate

Click here to create a TAPNET account. This is the same as a customer.

Client Portal

2. Client Portal

Click Affiliate Link

Click on Affiliate Link on menu. On mobile check for side menu.

Activate Affiliate URL

3. Activate Affiliate

Click Activate Affiliate Account

Click on Green Activate Affiliate Account button. On mobile check for side menu.

Affiliate Link URL

4. Activated Affiliate

Active Affiliate Account

See Your Unique Referral Link. Affiliate ID Number is number at after aff= (eg: 302)

TAPNET Active Affiliates

How To Be Active
  • Follow Us and
  • Open Welcome Email For Special Bonuses! Check Junk/Spam Folder if you do not receive this.
  • If you have a blog or website, place Affiliate URL text link or banner ads.
  • Post Affiliate Landing Page URL On Your Facebook + Twitter
  • Bonus calculated using: Total Revenue Share * (Your Traffic / Total Traffic) eg: $100 * (100/1000) = $10 goes to you!
Tips To Refer Visitor Traffic
  • Post Landing Page URLs to Social Media Sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • Use Your Affiliate ID With the Code Snippets Provided on the banner pages.
  • Use Pay Per Click (PPC) or Banner Advertising Networks (Display Ads) to target relevant traffic.
  • Promote TAPNET to existing customers.
  • Invite family and friends to join our affiliate program.


Affiliate Rewards - Bonus Tasks

Affiliate Rewards

Check back often for bonuses tasks.  Get extra bonuses for tasks like clicking on Like + Share on social media posts. It's easy and free and fun!

Blogger Program - Get Paid To Blog

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10% of all blog revenue is shared to bloggers monthly. Submit your blog today and get your first paid blogging assignment!

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