Tell Me More About TAPNET?

TAPNET was founded in 1997 as a software development company. Developing database applications for small and medium enterprise all across North America. With the increasing demand for internet based services such as website design and hosting business growth was thrust upon us. After 2002, TAPNET was offering full scale website development ranging from small brochure style sites to larger enterprise web applications. In 2007 almost everyone had a website and few were refreshing. With the growth and demand arising from blog sites utilizing open source platforms we began to launch blogs also and became quite proficient in writing targeted articles to create an audience within specific niches. Through research for the purpose of writing fresh blog content we learned of an emerging technology that would later be named as online storage. Storing data online was slowly growing in demand and so we began offering the service to our large client base. Serving as a pilot and proving how successful it was with our audience we decided to expand the audience.

With over 10 years experience in internet based technology we now consider ourselves industry experts and continue to offer the same level of quality service and support to our ever growing customer base as we did way back in the 90’s.

In 2009 our website spun off into several components so we could focus our attention to what we feel was most important and in highest demand. TAPNET.biz is our main attraction offering online backup and data storage services. TAPNET.co became our place holder on the web for clients seeking web design, web hosting and search engine marketing services.

TAPNET also has several blog sites including TAPNET.ca and Online-Backup-Service.net.

Internet is becoming an ever evolving medium for communication and over the last 2-3 years social media has become very strong in how we acquire new customers and how existing customers choose to stay in contact. We have a wonderful presence on Facebook/TAPNET.biz, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn.<?p>

Regardless of the requirement, TAPNET always prides in sourcing the best solution and taking great care to ensure we give you a reason to tell your friends, family, co-workers and associates about us. In 2009 we also launched our affiliate program so we could reward your effort in sharing and spreading the word. Everyone wants to earn money online and our affiliate program allows anyone to take their slice of the internet gold rush. Our affiliates can work as much as they want or as little providing a base for a nice dividend for their efforts. Our hundreds of affiliates earn recurring commissions on all our services. It is our shareholder program.

In this corner of the internet you can rest assured that we never run from technical challenges, we in fact feed on them!



Where is TAPNET Located?

We are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Probably one of the coldest places in the northern hemisphere. If you are ever in our neck of the woods please call us and we would love to meet you and sit for a coffee to talk about your business and how technology affects your productivity.


Data Centers

Where Are The Data Centers?

TAPNET utilizes the power of cloud computing. The cloud provides access to the little bits and bytes with the most efficiency possible today. TAPNET has service provides with data centers located in the major hubs in United States (Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Louisville), Canada (Toronto, Vancouver), England (London), Australia (Melbourne, Sydney) and South Africa (Johannesburg).