What Qualifications Should I Look for in a Cloud Storage Provider?

The moment you decide to pay for cloud storage, you also make the decision to entrust the integrity and security of your files into your provider’s hands. Because of the huge responsibility that you’re placing in their hands, it’s best to have a checklist that would help you make sure that you work with nothing but the best.Here are a few qualifications you should look for in a cloud storage provider:

1. Established Customer Base

Who does your storage provider work with? The bigger the names of the businesses are, the better your cloud storage provider’s reputation is as well. Remember that big, established companies back up even more sensitive data, which means that they would also use nothing less than excellent when it comes to cloud storage.

2. Geographically Distributed Data Centers

Aside from the fact that back up and syncing become faster when a data center is near your location, having a well laid out map of data centers would make all processes more efficient no matter what happens. If one data center encounters technical issues for example, plan B would be easier to execute if there are other data centers within reach.

3. Tight Encryption

Any online connection is susceptible to external attack. Because of this, your cloud storage provider should be ready to push attackers away with the kind of encryption they use. We’re not just talking about your usual average encryption here – it has to be advanced, something stronger than your regular hacker would be able to handle.

4. Financial Stability

The moment you sign a deal with a provider that is not financially stable, then you also run the risk of losing all your data the moment the company capsizes. Remember that financial stability is one sign that a company can be trusted to deliver on their commitment without running the risk of them closing down or pulling out even before your contract is over.

What about you? What other qualifications would you add to this list?

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