Local or Cloud Backups

TAPNET Online Backup


TAPNET online backup services stores all data on the Amazon S3 Cloud. TAPNET ensures that your most important data online has safe backup copies which are protected from online threats. We know what your data is valuable and with our online backup services we are here to support you. Rest easy knowing you have taken great measures to minimize the risk of data loss with TAPNET.

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DigiCert - SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

Purchase SSL Certificates. Secure your site and add trust & confidence for your visitors. With a range of brands, we have the right certificate for all your site security needs.

What is SSL? SSL Certificates are fundamental to internet security. They are used to establish an encrypted connection and allow data to be transmitted securely between a browser or user's computer and a server or website.

Establishes a secure connection between a browser and a server Encrypts communication to protect sensitive information your customers provide to you Places a padlock next to your web address in the browser Authenticates an organization's identity.

Standard SSL (Domain Validated) Certificates are the easiest and most common type of SSL certificate. OV and EV Certificates also authenticate the identity of the company or organization that holds the certificate providing more trust to end users.

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SiteLock - VPN Service

VPN Service

Get secure and private access to the internet. Shield your personal data and get peace of mind each time you use public Wi-Fi, access personal and work accounts on the road, or just want to keep your browsing history to yourself.

Stream and browse without limitations. From video streaming to social networks, our VPN works anywhere and allows you to access the sites and apps you love. Plus fast speeds for easy browsing and no more buffering or long waits.

Protect all your devices. 1-click-setup VPN for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. Access the internet from anywhere, whether you're on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Auto-configuration is supported for all major platforms allowing you to surf unrestricted with no coding or complex setup required. Simply download and connect.

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SpamExperts - Email Services

Email Security

Sharing information with partners, associates, and other business affiliates through other means—especially through email is a vital business function. To have more control over your email activity and to protect your business interests and information using email security options such as email filtering and email archiving. Your business may be the next target of spammers and malicious third parties. With our email filtering system, you can protect your inbox and other email information in a cost-effective way. The archiving services we offer also make it possible for you to manage and easily keep a copy of important emails which may be deleted from the inbox after your main provider reaches the storage limit.
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CodeGuard - Website Backup

Website Backup

Protect your website with daily automated backups. Get protection against viruses, hackers and even your own code accidentally breaking your site with CodeGuard Website Backup.  Protect your site from data loss and corruption, as well as against threats from viruses, hackers and malware with daily automated website backups from CodeGuard.  With CodeGuard Website Backup, your website is backed up daily and if disaster strikes, you can restore your site to a previous point in time at the click of a button.
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SiteLock - Website Security


Automatically scan your website for malware and protect online reputation. Website security & malware protection for your website SiteLock™.  The global leader in website security protects your website to give you peace of mind. SiteLock Daily Malware Scanning identifies vulnerabilities and known malicious code and automatically removes it from your website to protect your website and visitors against threats. Plus you get the SiteLock Trust Seal which builds customer confidence and is proven to increase sales and conversion rates.

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Weebly - Website Builder

Website Builder

Building a Website Has Never Been Easier Create the perfect site with powerful drag and drop tools.  Weebly drag and drop website builder makes it easy to create a powerful, professional website without any technical skills. Over 40 million entrepreneurs and small businesses have already used Weebly to build their online presence with a website blog or store.

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Marketgoo - SEO Tools

SEO Tools

Improve your Site's traffic and Grow your Business with marketgoo.  Sign Up and get instant SEO Report. Get your easy SEO plan and follow the simple step-by-step instructions. Start Improving your SEO plan into action (with no experts needed) and get a monthly progress report. Track and monitor your competitors rank for the keywords you are focusing on and track competitors popularity.
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