Digital Marketing - 5 Steps To Go Viral


Custom Landing Pages
1. Optimized Landing Page

TAPNET Viral Marketing Campaign will direct web traffic to your optimized landing page. A landing page tailored to promote your product or service. Landing pages remain in place permanently with back links to your website. This will give you on-going web traffic long after the campaign ends. Your landing page will get indexed quickly and generate new search traffic very quickly.


Boost Search Traffic
2. Search Engine Traffic

TAPNET provides keyword analysis to maximize the potential search traffic as quickly as possible. Most keywords in most niches require many months to get to the top 3 pages of Google. Our proven strategy will aim for targeted results faster than any other SEO method. This is all included in the setup of the viral marketing campaign.



Brand Exposure
3. Social Media Exposure

Custom ad creatives tailored to your product for the campaign. Posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to leveraging our existing audience. This is a value that you cannot put a price tag on. Increased web traffic that generates new leads and sales.


Audience Campaigns.
4. Audience Campaign

Create remarketing audiences on Google or Facebook. Using viral marketing to build audiences quickly is very cost effecitve. This means you own your audience long after the viral marketing ends. Increase web traffic using remarketing campaigns is vital digital marketing. Audiences are the leads and Remarketing is the sales pipeline.



Boost Revenue
5. Revenue Boost

Getting new customers and sales without paying per lead will pay for this campaign many times over. Our campaign fee includes all the setup and launching of the marketing campaign. You decide when to end the campaigns or to let them keep going forever.


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