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Recurring Revenue Sharing Bonus

TAPNET Affiliate Marketing Program rewards affiliates a monthly recurring revenue sharing bonus.  50% of TAPNET affiliate revenue is shared to active affiliates each month. Bonuses are calculated based on a percentage of referred traffic over the total network traffic. Click How To Get Started for a step by step sign up process.  Check the Affiliate Rewards page regularly and Facebook.com/TAPNET for regular updates.


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Join, Promote and Earn.  It is Fun Friendly and Free! Click Below To Get Started!

CPA Digital Marketing

CPA Digital Marketing

With CPA Digital Marketing, we do not get paid until you get a sale. The CPA Digital Marketing Network by TAPNET offers some unique options with flexible terms. Our global affiliate program of thousands of affiliates is growing daily. Subscribe to our monthly CPA program and let us help you increase your sales!

Blogger Program - Get Paid To Blog

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10% of all blog revenue is shared to bloggers monthly. Submit your blog today and get your first paid blogging assignment!

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Meaning

Affiliate Marketing Programs have been around for a very long time. Many large websites like Amazon grew by having others refer vistors to their website. For example, Amazon grew very quickly by with the Amazon Associates program.  By allowing anyone to place an affiliate link on a web page to refer customers Amazon quickly acquired new customers.  For each customer referral Amazon would pay a bonus for the order to the affiliate as a referral bonus. This type of referral system allowed Amazon to grow very quickly without the need to spend money on advertising. Sometimes this is called CPA or Cost Per Aquisition.  TAPNET is a CPA network of affiliate programs that enables affiliates to earn referral bonuses much like the Amazon Associates program.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing programs are the most desired opportunity online today. It levels the playing field where each person can now earn a share of the revenue they can generate.  With over 1 billion websites online each has the ability to refer visitors to another web page or online store. The most common purpose of a website is to create content to draw in visitors from search engines. From there the content will prime the visitor to click through to an affiliate landing page in hopes to generate a sale. TAPNET Affiliate Marketing Programs allow affiliates to promote products and services very easily. Affiliate Marketing is the fastest growing industry online and more busineses are turning to this platform to generate customers.

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