There’s A Fire Burning

It’s a classic, tragic, scenario – after awaking in the middle of the night, the family home is burning down, and there’s only a few seconds to safely escape. What do people grab on the way out the door?
History’s most popular answer: the family photo albums.
Data is priceless. Whether in the form of photos, videos, audio recordings, important text-documents, or any other kind of file, nothing is more valuable than your data.
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Easy to Use, Completely Secure

In the binary world of computers, things are either perfectly fine, or a total mess. If you’ve waited until the house is burning down, then it’s already far too late. We don’t want to see anyone lose data, but here are some frequent ways that this tragedy occurs.

Common Threats to Data

  • online hackers & identity thieves
  • irreparable hard disk failure
  • theft of physical computers or hard-drives

You wouldn’t leave your life savings sitting on your desktop – why would you leave your life’s data there, either? Put your data in the bank – TAPNET – and rest easily, knowing that your priceless data is protected by 256-Bit AES military grade encryption.

Gain from TAPNET’s Versatility

TAPNET is safe and easy to use on your PC or Mac, and is a perfect fit for both individuals and businesses. With TAPNET?s unlimited storage, you never have to worry about running out of hard-disk space again – your business is free to grow and scale up with TAPNET, without the need to buy new hardware.

And if you’re an individual with a computer running slower than it did when you bought it, free up as much memory space as you need, by uploading your data to TAPNET, so your computer can be agile and fast once again.
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Here is what our customers are saying about us…

“I lost files before, but never again now I use the best Unlimited Online Backup service around.”

Jack, USA
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Caroline, France

“Cloud storage makes it so easy for our business to work together.”

Dave, New York

An ounce of prevention is worth far, far more than a pound of cure, because with lost data, there is no fix – it’s simply back to square one. Fortunately, there are easy steps you can take right now to protect yourself, and your data.

By uploading to TAPNET, you’ll be doing yourself two huge favors:

1. truly securing your data from threats

2. data is accessible from anywhere with internet

We’re so confident that you’ll love storing your data with TAPNET, that we’re offering a 30-Day Free Trial. We know you’ll love the service we provide, so we’re giving you the chance to sign up and try us out, no credit card required.

What about popular services like Dropbox or Google?

Neither Gmail nor Dropbox are HIPAA compliant, nor are they free of data leakage. With TAPNET’s 256-bit AES military grade encryption, TAPNET is the safest choice for your most private business and personal data