TAPNET Online Cloud Backup + Cloud Storage Service

TAPNET easily answers this question, and by backing up your valuable data with TAPNET’s Online Storage, you can sleep soundly, having been immunized against data risk. Losing your data could be catastrophic to your business and career, and by comparison, TAPNET’s Online Storage costs a paltry sum.

Why TAPNET Online Backup?

  • HIPAA-compliant & totally secure
  • Powered by AMAZON S3 CLOUD Worldwide Data Centers
  • unlimited revision history
  • unlimited deleted file retention

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Offsite Data Backup Protection

Unlike Cloud Storage, Online Backup features unlimited revisions, is backed-up to Amazon Data Centers. Set backup on a custom schedule, and is safe enough for anything, including the stringent doctor-patient confidentiality requirements laid out by HIPAA.

If you believe your business files, photos, music, videos, and other documents are valuable, then you need Online Backup from TAPNET. With 256-Bit AES military grade encryption, uploaded files are stored in a state-of-the-art data centers. TAPNET makes it easy to use encrypted file transfers, to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities for your data at any step of the TAPNET process.

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An Undo-Button With Unlimited Memory

TAPNET keeps a private backup of each deleted file for as long as you require after deletion, so nothing lost if the wrong files are accidentally deleted. Simply open your TAPNET account on your computer or mobile device, and restoring accidentally deleted information is a snap.
The cheapest form of data insurance you can find, Online Backup from TAPNET can easily restore any saved version of your files. You can choose to restore your most recent data, or an earlier version.

With unparalleled accessibility, security, and storage size for businesses and individuals, only TAPNET can offer you this freedom from data risk. Sign up now, to take advantage of TAPNET’s 30-day free trial!
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